Who Sank the Boat? Retell

This term, as part of the Australian Curriculum - English, the Preps have been retelling their favourite stories. "Who Sank the Boat?" by Pamella Allen is one of our most favourite stories. We built a mini setting on a small table. The setting in the book was carefully studied before we set to work making a mini replica of Mr Peffer's Bay. It was decided that we could use some blue fabric for the water. For the land we used some fake grass squares, a few rocks and some plastic plants hiding with the dinosaurs. It was starting to take shape when we added the jetty made from wooden blocks. Then we found the perfect shaped block for the boat, a couple of paddlepop sticks for the oars and the animals were all ready for their adventure. The animals from our farm bin were introduced to their new home and and the children retold the story over and over. After such enthusiastic play, they easily completed the retell worksheet. Just click here to download an A3 copy.

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