Birds and Feathers Investigation

My Preps have been collecting feathers for a while now.  They will love this investigation area.

Magnifying glasses to encourage "looking closely".

Ink drawing of feathers pinned up near our bird nest. I love this hessian tree from ZART Art. The limbs are wired and easily bent to hold and support the bird nest I found in our garden.

The little basket holds some Montessori Bird and Egg cards. The feathers here are very long and I am hoping it encourages some talk about measuring and length.

The little wooden egg rattles. I try to incorporate sensory items into every area. Hopefully the Australian Birds book will encourage some bird watching at outdoor play time. I might add some binoculars in a few days.


That ostrich feather is so soft. I always include clipboards in my investigation areas. They encourage writing and recording of all the Preps discoveries.

A cosy space for 3 children. Small investigation areas keep the noise to a minimum. Well that's the plan anyway.

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